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Crossword Nuances combines the challenges of vocabulary puzzles and mini-crosswords in a unique format.

Crossword Nuances can also be a review and friendly vocabulary challenge for pre-college students preparing for college admission tests.

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Friday, March 29, 2024

Puzzle 03-29-2024


   1.  person who attacks well-regarded beliefs (10)

   3.  state of violent turmoil or confused movement (9)

   7.  having a long-established particular habit, activity or interest (10)

   8.  harmful, poisonous (7)

   9.  resisting control or authority (10)

10.  sound of a bell (5)

11.  increase the wealth or status of (10)

12.  merry, jovial (6)



   2.  party to a lawsuit (8)

   4.  put down (9)

   5.  apparent, seeming (10)

   6.  tallest mountain in Africa (11)



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