Crossword Nuances

Crossword Nuances combines the challenges of vocabulary puzzles and mini-crosswords in a unique format.

Crossword Nuances can also be a review and friendly vocabulary challenge for pre-college students preparing for college admission tests.

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Monday, March 25, 2024

Puzzle 03-25-2024











    1  belief that there are no values or morals (8)

    6  text of an opera or other vocal work (8)

    7  unimaginative, obvious and boring (5)

    8  false or distorted representation, perversion (8)

    9  beginning (5)

  10  new word or new usage of a word (9)

  12  overused, hackneyed (5)

  13  criteria for assessing a work or performance (6)

  14  puzzle, quandary (6)

  15  motivation, stimulus (7)

  16  a set of three periods in text (8)



    2  irrefutable, without doubt (16)

    3  highly skilled musician or other artist (8)

    4  accompanying, associated, connected (11)

    5  celebrated, acclaimed, esteemed (11)

  11  refusing to change one's opinion, inflexible (8)



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